For Our Platinum Europe Members

For our European colleagues:

We highly encourage Platinum Europe members to sign up for David Sandoval’s Academy of Learning.  It’s an excellent format for learning more about the products.  You’ll notice as you take the courses that some of the products Platinum offers are slightly different than what Purium offers.  This is due to the variations in rules, regulations, legislation and laws between the US and Europe.

We would like you to be aware of the following before signing up to take the classes:

  1. Once a PHE member completes the 4 courses they will be givenPHE “Professional status” and receive the PHE Professional pricing discount. No BV requirementis needed to keep the Professional discount, as long as they have a monthly auto-ship order in place.
  1. The Badge you receive at the completion of the Academy will say “Academy of Learning Graduate.”
  1. The courses must stay on a US-based website and can’t be transferred to an EU-based website.
  1. In order to support and educate others about the information in the Academy, it’s best to encourage others to take the classes themselves.  The rules and regulations in the US are much more lenient regarding information that can be written and posted on a website, compared to Europe.  The information from the Academy will need to be judiciously edited to be in line with EU legislation and regulations. Unfortunately, the information can’t be placed directly from the US Academy website onto a European website. That’s why the best way to solve this is to encourage others to take the classes themselves.
  1. Please be aware that a Platinum distributor can’t “practice” as a detox coach or a sports nutrition coach unless they have additional qualifications and we can’t grant people the title of “professors.”

Unfortunately, we know about US-based companies doing business in Europe that have been shut down because they tried to say the same things in Europe as in the US.   We appreciate your understanding!