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For Students who have previously taken an exam manually and need to take it online:

The system is set-up to have students “mark” the videos they complete so they don’t end up accidentally missing one. You have to go through the videos and mark them all as “completed” and then the option to take the exam will appear.

Here are the step-by-step instructions:

1. Go to “Your Courses” – located at the top of the website menu

2. Click on the course you are enrolled in

3. Scroll down until you see “Semester 1” & click on it

4. You will then see all of the “Lessons” which are the videos

5. Click on “Lesson 1”

6. It will take you to the video

7. Scroll down below the video and you will see a button named “Mark Complete” – click that

8. It will then automatically take you to “Lesson 2” where you can also select “Mark Complete”

9. Do this for all of the videos

10. Once ALL of the video are marked as complete, the Midterm will appear. The same happens for Semester 2 and the Final being made available after the videos are marked as completed.

11. You can verify that you’ve completed/marked all the videos by the green dot that appears next to them after they have been marked.

12. After you take the Midterm/Final you will receive instant feedback on your results. You must receive a 90% score or better in order to pass exams.

For students who passed the exams, here is how you can download the certificate:

Step 1: After finishing the exam. you will get “Certificate”


Step 2: Your Certificate opens in a new window, Then click “Download” button as shown in screenshot.

Step 3: Click “Save” button. It will save as a PDF.

Length of video lessons in each course:


  • Weight Control = 9.5
  • Detox = 7
  • Anti-Aging = 9.5
  • Sports Performance = 7.5

*Please note that this is not how long each course will actually take to complete as there are many links & articles to explore in the References section of each course.