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Are you ready to become a Master of Health Knowledge to benefit your family, your network and yourself?

Knowledge is Power. So power up your Purium Business with the DSAL — the David Sandoval Academy of Learning.

David Sandoval, Founder, Purium

My job is to pass on the scientific health knowledge & wisdom I’ve meticulously accumulated for over 3 decades to those who are ready to receive it. When I founded Purium, I already had YOU in my mind and heart.


Gloria Coppola

David Sandoval Academy of Learning provided me nutritional insights in a natural environment to enhance my knowledge base. I loved meeting purium business partners from everywhere! Being the 1st inaugural class at the Oasis was super cool! Thanks to Dave's passion for education we got lots of valuable information to share with others!

What Would It Feel Like To Be A Certified Purium Advocate?

Enjoy the unsurpassed benefits of enrolling in the David Sandoval Academy of Learning!

“Those distributors who choose to expand their knowledge also expand their ability to be of service to Purium family in need of transformational health and lifestyle improvements. Because of this we have created a truly incredible perks program to support and recognize those who dive into the Academy.”

~ David Sandoval​


When you enroll in David Sandoval’s Academy of Learning, you get exclusive benefits, including the honor and recognition of your achievements throughout the Purium community!

  • Lifetime Membership In David Sandoval’s Academy of Learning
  • Ongoing Updates to the Online Course
  • Priority seating at National/Regional Events including Convention
  • Mention on the stage at Convention
  • Achievement Badge on Your Purium Site for Each Course You Complete
  • Professional University-style online learning interface


What Is A Purium Professor?

A Purium Professor is someone who has successfully graduated from all four Academy Courses. Purium Professors enjoy truly incredible exclusive benefits.​


Be among the up & coming and excelling Purium Distributors who take this Academy to its fullest potential by successfully completing all four signature courses!

  • Be the first to try our new products as they come to market, for FREE
  • Certification! We’ll place a Purium Professor Achievement Badge on your Purium Distributor Website
  • Enjoy priority seats at National/Regional Events including this Convention
  • Receive recognition from the Convention stage by David Sandoval
  • Feel the honor of having achieved the highest status of learning in Purium so you can share your knowledge with your customers, friends and family!

Expand your capacity to help everyone around you, friends, families, clients ~ become healthier!

See What Some of Our Graduates Are Saying:

I’ve had the extreme blessing of studying under many of the world's leaders in nutrition through IIN. It was an incredible foundation but when I attended Dave Sandoval's Academy of Learning I was blown away by the rich material and Dave's wisdom and passion. There is such a deep need for this kind of education and awakening on our planet. Under Dave's guiding hand our connection with superfoods can help heal the planet. I will be getting certified in all of Dave’s offerings through his academy. As a mother, woman, and human I can't afford not to. Thank you Dave! I feel the blood, sweat and tears you've put into your mission of healing the planet one conscious choice and person at a time. I am forever grateful. My 6 year old keeps asking to go back to the Native Springs Oasis and is passionate about Purium and nutrition thanks to this Academy.

Charlyn Joy Fernandez

Love the times I have spent at the Oasis! It is great having an opportunity to get to know David Sandoval personally and to connect with the other Academy students and Purium Academy staff in person! The ability to ask Dave those burning health questions is a huge bonus! It is also helpful to connect on a deeper level with Academy students and then reconnect when there is a need to bounce ideas off others who are also students of holistic health.

Chris V

I've learned SO MUCH through Dave's video courses...I have watched all of them 2 or 3 times, they're so chock full of information. For me, the course has reinforced and built my wall of belief in Purium's products, and has allowed me the ability to explain to my friends and family the benefits based on the science behind these amazing ingredients. They're starting to call me Professor! :) In my personal health, as someone who has recently overcome anemia with the assistance of Purium's products after my hemorrhage surgery, the knowledge behind the advantages of using organic, plant-based products for my recovery has allowed me to help others struggling with similar concerns. Thanks so much Dave for passing your knowledge on! Mahalo, Roland Bueno Jr.

Roland Bueno Jr.

Learning directly from David Sandoval at Native Springs Oasis is a synergy of naturopathy for my soul - connected with nature. The rock formations, oasis springs and creek, the critters and the cosmos of infinite stars at night around a raging campfire all combined with David's extensive knowledge, helpful personal stories, food prepared with love by Dave and activities that make the Purium Lifestyle fun and engaging for everyone. The learning at DSAL goes deep on many levels of body, mind and spirit.

Lisa D


Academy Courses


Gain cutting edge knowledge on weight management techniques that utilize a naturopathic approach, making weight loss a healthy process that contributes to longevity.


Learn how to maximize your potential while minimizing negative impact on your body, as well as achieve maximum results with minimum efforts.


Learn how to unlock nature’s secrets of youthfulness, longevity and anti-aging while discovering the hidden secrets of plants and the power of phytochemistry.


Explore the multitude of pathways for detoxification and discover the power of phytochemistry and the benefits of certain plants and herbs to safely detoxify and purify your body.

Prefer to learn with David in person?


  • Spend quality time with Dave at his private ranch in a gorgeous nature setting north of Los Angeles
  • Located conveniently north of Los Angeles on a beautiful property with a creek


  • Take your exams online and have ongoing access to the Course through our Online Learning Portal!


  • Delicious organic vegan meals and superfood shakes Included, all weekend long!
  • Air Port Pick Up: Schedule your trip, and we’ll drive you up from LAX if you are flying in!
  • Whether you want a private room, shared indoor accommodations, or the fun of a Teepee or ShiftPod equipped with bedding, we’ve got you covered! (Literally!)

Come Enjoy This Unique Approach To Learning In A Beautiful Natural Setting

A Personal Message from Dave

“I am so grateful to be able to share this life changing knowledge with you. In life, we pass the torch on to those who can expand all the good we each bring into the world. This is my chance to serve you at the highest level, and ensure I pass on all I’ve learned to leaders like yourself, in service to a beautiful world in need of healing.”

~ Dave Sandoval​

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